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The vagina is not the most sensitive part of your body; it is the lips – Nana Romeo to women

Radio presenter, Nana Romeo, has educated that kissing does not apply only to the lips as most people nowadays believe.

Talking to Adwen-the Love Doctor on e.TV Ghana’s adult show In Bed With Adwen, he stated that kissing can be on the cheeks, forehead, hands, chest, and anywhere else you want but the one type of kiss that stimulates feelings in the body is the kiss on the lips.

’Most women think that the most sensitive part of their body is the vagina but in actual sense, it is the lips. When you meet someone who is a professional in kissing, then you will know how sensitive the lips are’’, he said.

Romeo added that for people in some parts of the world, kissing is a normal thing and they can even kiss their children, parents and even people they have just met as a sign of greeting but is not so in Ghana.

He further advised that parents can kiss their children but it should only be a simple kiss and should not be a habit because the moment a parent kisses their child so much as to exchange saliva, then that parent-child relationship is gone and that parent is giving their child negative mentality.

Nana Romeo further advised that if a parent kisses their children deeply and for as long as 5-10 seconds, they might begin to develop certain feelings for the child and that is how some parents find themselves having sex with their children.