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It’s official now, Fella Makafui & Medikal are back together as lovers

It’s now official, Fella Makafui and Medikal are back together as lovers after going their separate ways weeks ago.

A while ago, we hinted that the pair have quashed their beef and are now very peaceful.

That came after Fella Makafui broke up disgracefully with her boyfriend who she once claimed to go the extra mile with and even die for him when the need arises.

Their split got so series that Fella Makafui chased him and Criss Waddle out of her shop when they came to beg her.

To make her stands much more clearer,Fella Makafui unfollowed Medikal on Instagram and blocked her contact on her phone.


You see, one way by which you can tell if celebrities are having problems with one another is by checking if they follow each other on social media.

This is simple if you have a problem with someone, why follow him/her on social media?

In the latest development, Celebrities Buzz linked up with the lead promoter of Medikal and we got to know that the pair are indeed back as lovers.

Also, we cross-checked on Instagram and we realized Fella Makafui has followed Medikal back after initially unfollowing him.

The promoter also wrote on his Instagram stories;

“I’m planning of dropping Medi_Fella printed shirts for the fans this to show how we appreciate the come back of Fella Makafui.”

We are very happy for them.

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