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‘You are evil & God will punish you’ – Efia Odo curses Shatta Wale

Efia Odo has showered curses upon curses on Shatta Wale for reasons best known to them and it’s just so shocking.

News broke quite recently that the two former besties and lover birds have fallen out.

Although they didn’t reveal what triggered them to terminate their friendship all of a sudden, many people believed Shatta Wale cheated and extorted Efia Odo in a deal, an allegation Celebrities Buzz can’t attest to.

Just today, Shatta Wale posted on Instagram urging all to purchase from South African Wines.

He wrote:

‘Don’t forget your one and only wine shop for this valentines Day !!!
Link them up now southafricawinesgh.”

Efia Odo out from nowhere commented beneath Shatta Wale’s tweet tagging him as a thief.

According to her, she can’t tell what sort of friend Shatta Wale is. She cursed Shatta Wale by saying God will punish him.

She wrote:

“I don’t blame you, you think it’s a joke right. What kind of friend are you Charles!! You’re evil and God will punish you.”

See Screenshots Below: