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United Kingdom no longer a member of European Union after they opted out

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After 47 years of membership and three and a half years since the country voted to leave, the UK has left the EU, a report filed by BBC indicates.

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But with negotiations on the UK’s future relationship with Europe still to come, this won’t be the last you hear of Brexit.

As Brexit dawned, I found myself reporting for the BBC from outside the glass and concrete behemoth, otherwise known as the European Commission building, in Brussels.

It’s the same place I’ve regularly stood over the past three and a half years, attempting to explain the EU perspective on Brexit following our referendum and throughout the divorce negotiations.

It struck me that the impersonal, impenetrable-looking monolith embodies the image so many backs in the UK has of the EU as a whole.

But going through my mind on Friday night were all the “ordinary” Europeans I’ve met across the continent while covering the Brexit story: engineers, teachers, bakers and bus drivers who asked “Why are you doing this?” and insisted: “Don’t leave!”

A dreary night didn’t discourage those celebrating in Parliament Square. We wake this morning out of the European Union. But we follow their rules until the end of the year, without a say.

We are separate after more than 40 years, but remember much of the status quo will hold for now – the UK and the EU, the awkward couple, finally divorced – but still sharing a house and the bills.

But what the prime minister hails as a new era, bright new dawn starts months of hard bargaining with our neighbors across the Channel.

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