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Bush fire catastrophe: two hunters roasted, one confirmed dead

Two men identified as Sulemana Abdallah and Osman Sadat believed to be in their late 20s have on Sunday 26th Jan. 2020, were found roasted around Nanzun in the karaga District of the northern region as a result of bush fire.

Osman Sadat died upon arrival at the Tamale Teaching Hospital and has since been barred in accordance with the Islamic culture whilst Sulemana Abdallah is still in a critical condition.

Their belongings; mobile phones, motor bicycle keys and their clothing were burnt to ashes. On the outer skin of Sadat, his hair, beard, both finger and foot nails and anything that can burn has burnt.

“We saw a rabbit fast approaching and we traced it to that bush, we decided to set the bush ablaze before we realized we were surrounded by the fire. I told my friend, let’s remove our dresses and run naked out of the fire, Sadat refused but I did, that’s how I managed to survived it,” Sulemana Abdallah revealed.

Both Sadat and Sulemana are natives of Dungu and Sugashee respectively. Their families have accepted the sad news and equally attributed it to the will of Allah.

The negative impact of bush fire in northern Ghana can never be underestimated as over 400 hectares of rice farms along the Fumbisi-Gbedembilisi-Yagaba rice valleys were completely burned by the bush fire a month ago.

Despite several campaigns by the government to end bush fire menace, the situation seems to be in the ascendancy.

Source: Ghanaweb