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Just like Ebony, Kofi B also deserves a state burial – Okuraseni Samuel

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Ghanaian highlife musician, Okuraseni Samuel has called for his senior colleague to be given a state burial.

The highlife musician in an interview with Koo TV on Thursday, February 6, 2020, said Kofi B was a celebrated musician and therefore befits a state burial.

Ebony Reigns (late)

According to him, Kofi B elevated Ghanaian highlife music and perceives him to be given a befitting burial.

Comparing Kofi B to the late Ebony, he said, “If Ebony who had a short music life span had a state burial, then he thinks the late Kofi B also should have a suitable state burial.”

Kofi B (late)

“If a Member of Parliament even dies after one year in power, he is given a state burial so why shouldn’t Kofi B who brought to light highlife music also be given a state burial? Okuraseni asked.”

The ‘Ye wo homework’ musician added that Kofi B has been in the music fraternity for a while now and thinks he is a legend who must be celebrated.

“Kofi was not just a legend or musician in his hometown but his career was a benefit to the entire nation.”

Okurasini Samuel

As a plea to Musiga, Okuraseni asked that a hospital be built to accommodate them whenever any of the musicians got ill.

He further called on his fellow artistes to allow unity to reign amongst them.

Kofi B, born Kofi Boakye Yiadom died on February 2, 2020