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“It is our duty to orient the newly elected Assembly members in order to make the job easier” – Hon Nana Osei Assibey Bonsu

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The Kwabre Municipal Chief Executive (MCE) Hon. Nana Osei Assibey Bonsu has explained that adjusting new Assembly members through orientation programme puts them in a better position to deliver regardless of their backgrounds for the positive movement of the various District Assemblies.

According to the MCE, it is necessary to equip members to have a knowledge of their duties and measure their commitment before setting them on a course.

“If people are chosen to occupy a position and they are not oriented, it makes the job very tough for them and their superiors,” he said.

The Kwabre East Municipal Assembly on Thursday, February 6, 2020 organized a two-day training workshop for the Assembly Members to define their role and petition them on the need to accomplish their tasks for the betterment of lives in the Municipality.

The first day of the programme was designated for a swearing in ceremony of the various committees as the second day focused on the orientation of the members based on Act 936 of the Constitution of Ghana.

“Assigning an assembly member to occupy a post without positioning them to be able to perform their duty is not encouraging. It is our duty to educate them on the legal issues of every assembly member and standing orders. It equips them to do their very best when in office and separates their do’s from the don’ts.

“Teaching them is a confidence booster in their line of duty and it is our obligation to do so,” he added.

Hon. Osei Assibey Bonsu commended the Assembly members and called on them to stay dedicated to the reason for their appointment.

“The assembly concept has come to stay. We therefore entreat any of the members be committed to their course and help steer the nation forward to have a better definition of our decentralization policy.

“Each one has a limit to his powers assigned hence the orientation.

“The Local Government has a role to play and that is what we are embarking,” he added.

The Presiding Member, Hon. George Oppong after the swearing in acknowledged members and promised to deliver under their support.

“I pledge my unfringing support to this august assembly and also assure you that I’m going to deliver and discharge my duty accordingly so that very member of this assembly will feel welcome and not be victimized or intimated in any way whatsoever,” he ended.