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‘Kidnapping Wendy Shay is very easy’ – Counselor Lutterodt says as he explains how to easily kidnap Wendy Shay

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Ghanaian controversial Counselor, Lutterodt says it is very easy to kidnap Wendy Shay thereby supporting Prophet Akwesi Appiah, aka Jesus Ahuof3’s prophecy.

Prophet Akwesi Appiah a few days ago admonished people close to Wendy Shay to warn her to repent from her lifestyle or she would not see the end of 2020.

He said;

“There will be more kidnapping. I saw that they had kidnapped a lot of people and the country was thrown into chaos. God opened my eyes in the spiritual realm and I saw some people kidnapped. Tell Wendy Shay, that if she does not change her ways and give herself to God, Wendy Shay, before December, she would be kidnapped by some people for ritual powers.

I saw in the spirit that she was kidnapped and put in a very small room, and she was wailing. She was in this room for 21 days, after which she died and started to decay, and they did this for powers.

This is a bad year for her, tell her, that I bishop prophet Akwesi Appiah says that how has she prepared to meet her maker? If she does not repent, live a good life and give herself to God, she will be kidnapped and used for rituals. Her death is close,” he concluded.

Speaking on the issue on TV Africa, Counselor Lutterodt said Wendy Shay is very easy to kidnap because she really loves to live the best of life under the least security protection.

He added that he has advised Bullet to monitor her moves and also employ bodyguards for her.

On how to kidnap Wendy Shay easily, he said as shared in the video below;