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My son’s death in a road accident after his university graduation forced me to become a traffic warder – Judge shares story

Justice Monica Dongban-Mensem is a 64-year-old woman who decided to become a traffic warder after her son was killed in a car accident.

She explained that the loss of her son was a heavy blow but she found out that the carelessness of drivers on the road was the cause.

Therefore, Monica, a Nigerian decided to work as a traffic warder to avert similar situations happening to other road users.

She shared her story:

“Many Nigerians are impatient and it shows in their driving,”

“My mission was to find someone who could just tell me or describe to me how my son died.”

“From a layman’s point of view, I could see that the road was structurally dangerous and we learned that many persons had been killed along that portion of the road and no government has been able to fix it,” she said.

“He broke his two legs and neighbors within the area looked the other way as my son groaned in pain, bleeding from one end of the road to the other,” Justice Dongban-Mensem said in anger.

“He gave up the ghost in the pool of his blood but I am sure he would have survived if he was rushed to the hospital.”

“My son wanted to be the best prosecutor in the world but died like a chicken on the street after being knocked down.”

“I gave up sleep, hoping that my son will walk through the door and give me a big hug.

“I can only feel fulfilled if no Nigerian dies as the result of a road crash,” she said.