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Making it in life depends on 50% hard work, 50% smart work; luck and good looks do not count – Reno Omokri

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Social media commentator and pastor, Reno Omokri has shared some nuggets on his Twitter timeline that is worth a read.

In his post, he discredited the popular notion that making it in life is dependant on good looks and luck.

According to him, making it in life does not also mean one has to break his or her back and work like a bull.

He asserted that good money comes to people who have a uniform blend of hard and smart work.

Reno added that Hard work without smart work leads to sweat and fatigue which the end gain is irrelevant.

It is now time for you to decide whether to work hard or to work smart…
Life is about choices, habits, and attitudes.

He wrote:

Good money comes from good work, not good luck, or good looks. The recipe for good work is 50% hard work, and 50% smart work. Hard work, without smart work, leads to perspiration without remuneration, AKA frustration. Smart work is key to success!