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Nigerian Lɛsbobo Proposes To Her Ghanaian Partner [Photos]

Homo.sɛxuality is a forbidden act according to the Bible and Qur’an and some countries including Ghana and Nigeria have laws that are not only against it but prescribe punishment for the act.

Well, two African girls have nonetheless come out themselves as lɛsbobos and posted online their proposal after one proposed marriage to her partner.

The Nigerian Lɛsbobo who has been identified as Michell Unukpo proposed to her partner who was also identified as Ama Talkless, a Ghanaian and she accepted.

Unukpo took to her Facebook page to show how excited she is after her Ghanaian partner accepted her proposal.

According to Unukpo, the good people in your life are the ones who will make your reality come through.

“She finally said Yes. 💍💍The main people in your life is the once who know what makes an happiness becomes reality. Ama Talkless you have been amazing to me since I know you. I love you so much ❤️❤️” she wrote