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Countries where novel coronavirus cases have been confirmed worldwide

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The Novel Coronavirus has become one of the deadliest world epidemics of the 21st century. The epidemic which has been named COVID-2019 has claimed the lives of thousands of people.

Aside from that, the virus is fast spreading across the globe with at least a reported case on each continent.

In this article, TheNewsGh.Com brings you a comprehensive list of countries where the Coronmavirus epidemic has been confirmed or sighted.

Countries                           Reported Cases

Australia                                     21 cases

Belgium                                      1 case

Cambodia                                   1 case

Canada                                       9 cases

Egypt                                         1 case

Finland                                       1 case

France                                        12 cases, 1 death

Germany                                    16 cases

Hong Kong                                  68 cases, 2 deaths

India                                          3 cases

Iran                                           18 cases 4 deaths

Isreal                                         1 case

Italy                                          17 cases, 1 death

Japan                                        99 cases, 1 death; 639 cruise cases, 2 deaths

Lebanon                                    1 case

Macao                                       10 cases

Malaysia                                    22 cases

Nepal                                        1 case

Philippines                                 3 cases, 1 death

Russia                                       2 cases

Singapore                                  86 cases

South Korea                               433 cases, I death

Spain                                         2 cases

Sri Lanka                                   1 case

Sweden                                     1 case

Taiwan                                      26 cases, 1 death

Thailand                                    35 cases

United Arab Emirates                  9 cases

United Kingdom                          9 cases

The United States                       35 cases

Vietnam                                     16 cases

Several countries have put preventive measures in place to trash out the virus if it is ever detected. The World Health Organization (WHO) has been working on a vaccine to control the veracity and widespread of the epidemic.