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Musician Keche Andrew’s Wife Carried Him On Her Back Like A Baby While He Cries Causes Stir On Social Media – Watch Video

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Despite the many badmouthing after their marriage ceremony last year, musician Keche Andrew and his boss turned wife, Joana Gyan have done well to act nonchalant.

They have on various occasions shared videos of themselves chopping serious love just to rub it in the faces of their naysayers that they are very happy as a married couple.

They are certainly not backing down in that quest to show the world that they are very happy together as they have dropped yet another video online.

This time, it was not their usually locking of lips and smooching anyhow even in public, but Keche Andrew was seen acting like a baby on the back of his life.

Even though they recorded the video in the dark, he could be heard crying while his wife was laughing.

He captioned the video: “Please Madam Feed The Baby…, The Cry 😭 is too much… thank You”, suggesting that he wanted to be ‘fed’ with the thing.

Love will certainly cause trouble for people in this country.

Watch the video below