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NPP executive dies just seven months after going to a river to invoke curses on an MP and other party officials

Kassim Awudu a gruntled polling station executive who invoked a river god to strike dead the Member of Parliament (MP) Asante Akyem North Constituency Lawyer Andy Appiah-Kubi, the constituency Chairman Sampson Agyei, William Aboagye and other constituency executives for suspending him from the party is dead.

MyNewsGh.com confirmed that he died Friday, February 21, 2020, according to his brother of an unknown ailment and was buried per the Islamic custom.

He had gone to the riverside in July last year claiming he suffered a lot for the party and does not see the reason why the constituency executives and MP will connive to suspend him at this time the party is in power and he is supposed to enjoy the fruit of his labor.

When he went to invoke the curses, this was was he said as translated from Twi to English:
“Inspector, my name is Kassim Awudu, a polling station chairman for NPP at Bontodiase Electoral Area in the Asante Akyem North Constituency. I have suffered and sacrificed a lot for the NPP and especially during the 2016 elections. I was used by Andy Appiah Kubi for a lot of dirty works that saw his victory and that of the NPP as well. I was promised a job by the MP and I have waited for 3years now but to no avail. I recently received a letter of suspension from the Party’s secretary, Williams Aboagye and according to him, my offense was organizing my fellow polling station executives to campaign for a candidate in the impending parliamentary primaries. Inspector, if the MP, William Aboagye and the other constituency executives have ever met any polling station executive and campaigned for them to vote for the current MP, Andy Appiah Kubi and have not suspended themselves, kill all of them”.

It is unclear whether his death was triggered by his unceremonious visit to the river or not. Meanwhile, the efficacy of the power of local deities cannot be overlooked.