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Nurse Confesses How She Gave Someone’s Baby To A Fake Pregnant Woman

Trained Nurse, Mrs Goriola Abike, Confesses how she swap a twin brother to fake pregnant woman who have been looking for child for over years in Nigeria.

Her statement reads;

“I really regret my action for putting myself into this, the two family Mr and Mrs Okunola are my neighbour in abeokuta, they have been married for over 7 Years without a child in their home.

They met with me which i promised to help them out only if they can cooperate, which our agreement is them to pay me sum of N800 000. We planned it that, the wife should be putting bundles of cloth on stomach just to deceived people around of being getting pregnant.

We have a pregnant woman scanned, who has been confirmed to give birth to twins in one private hospital in Abeokuta.

The moment the woman gave birth to twins, i planned with my other collegue at the hospital to carry out the assignment.

The pregnant woman who gave birth to male and female twins, i congratulate the mother of the new born baby, that she gave birth to bouncing baby girl while i took the other male child to the fake pregnant woman. She added,

Since then, my conscience never allow me to rest”.

She made this confession at the police division headquarter Abeokuta ogun State, which she has been detained for proper investigation.


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