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Police officer pulls gun on former presidential staffer in traffic

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A police officer has allegedly pulled a gun on presidential staffer in the Mahama regime, Ben Dotsei Malor at the Atomic Junction roundabout in Accra on Sunday over a traffic infraction.

In a Facebook post hours after the incident, the Chief editor at United Nations News shared how the officer threatened him and the issue ending up at the Legon police station.

According to him, the officer ended up apologising to him.

In another Facebook post Monday, the former BBC Deputy Editor wrote, “NO ONE SHOULD HAVE A GUN PULLED ON HIM OR HER – FOR ANY FRIVOLOUS, CONCOCTED, AND COOKED REASON: For the sake of others who could be shot and killed or bullied, intimidated, and harassed to scorn and ridicule, WE ARE TAKING THIS MATTER UP.

“Please, this is now NOT ABOUT ME, but about preventing what I went through from happening to any brother or sister – not even to an “enemy” or to anyone who considers me their “enemy.”


Mr Malor said, “As a practising Christian I must forgive the man who pulled the gun on me, as he apologised. I must give thanks to GOD for life, BUT it would be irresponsible, uncaring, and reckless of me not to take steps to ensure others are spared the horror, the shock, and the terror of what still seems to me to have been a bad bad dream.”

The police say they are investigating the matter.

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