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Residents Of Ayanfuri Expresses Their Anger On How They Are Being Cheated By Perseus Mining Company And Has Called Upon The Government For Support

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Kakra Ye Bi Di, a suburb of Ayanfuri in the Central Region of Ghana has had its residents showing their anger on how they have been treated for the past nine years by a mining company called Perseus and are now calling upon the government to come to their aid.

Perseus Company for the past 9 years have been mining on Ayanfuri since they believe the town has a lot of gold and other minerals beneath the surface of the town.

A reporter from Cash FM in Kumasi went to the town and had a chat with some of the residents and according to the residents, they are been cheated by the mining company.

The company according to what we heard has bought the town and has placed an embargo so that no one can build a house nor continue building if he/she has started earlier on.

The town according to them is not a safe place to live since the land is not stable and suitable for building and that, they have promised the residents to build houses somewhere else and relocate them there but since 9years now they have not done anything which have left the residents stranded.

There are three towns in Ayanfuri where the mining companies have built houses for the residents and has relocated them but “Kakra Ye Bi Di” town has not seen anything or heard anything but are being threatened to relocate whiles they have nowhere to go.

The residents want the company to take the data which they took earlier on again so that if there is anything to be done, they all gain equal benefit because most of them have to build houses and has built houses to cater for their growing families.

Listen to the interview the reporter from Cash FM in Kumasi went to do with the residents below