Lady With World Biggest B00bs Shares Disturbing Messages She Receives From Men Online(Watch Video)

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     A Lady with abnormally big boobs has revealed that she receives hundreds of messages from strangers on social media.

    The Russian lady by the name Anastasia Berthier with the handle @anastittu, claims that her twins are 100 percent natural.

    “I haven’t done any surgeries on my breast.” Mother Nature was pretty generous to me.” As a teenager, I used to be embarrassed of my big breasts.” At the age of 15, I was already a D cup.” But when I grew up, I learned how to accept myself and my body and even benefit from it. There aren’t many women in the world who have my natural breast size, a fit body, and a cute face, so why I should be not happy?”

    However, she has had to contend with thirsty men who flood her social media platforms with crazy messages.

    She also struggles to find lingerie her size.

    “I have to buy clothes in really big sizes then go and customize it with a tailor to fit, because I have a small waist compared to my breasts.” And I have a crazy stalker who is following me for a few years, annoying my family, friends, and photographers with who I work.” One crazy guy was threatening me that he will go to the kitchen and cut his veins if I will not answer.” There is a lot of pretty ill people and it’s can be dangerous when they obsessed with you.”

    Check out her photos below