My Boobs Are Mine, I don’t Mind Showing The World – Nina Ricchie Reacts As She Shows Her B00bs In A New Photo

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    I’ve always wanted to be a musician however it’s been really difficult. Everyone I’ve approached to help me has always wanted sexual favors in return till I met D-Black. He’s given me my first shot with Black Avenue Muzik and now here we go.

    I’m ready. I’m daring and don’t care what the public perceptions of me are because I know myself and what I possess and my intentions. I want Ghanaian women to show off what they have, busty, plump girls, “Be proud of what God gave you and show off as much as they want to” says Nina Ricchie.

    Nina Ricchie took over the internet when pictures of her and label mates Freda Rhymz, Sefa and label boss D-Black went viral at DJ Mensah’s All White Party over the weekend as she rocked a sheer white nothing showing off her boobs.

    The sultry Black Avenue Muzik new entrant is a 28-year-old buxom beauty who hails from Ghana but been based in Toronto, Canada most of her life. After making the decision to pursue a music career she moved down to Ghana and secured a record deal with Black Avenue Avenue Muzik a few months ago. If you guys thought Ebony was crazy, wait until I get to the top ended Nina Ricchie.

    Check out her new single…