Two robbers attack pregnant Mobile Money vendor, stabs & robs her(Watch CCTV Footage)

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    Two wicked men have been caught on camera robbing a pregnant mobile money vendor. They rushed over to her and attacked her, stealing all her money in the process.

    Footage captured the whole process in a very bitter and heartbreaking manner.

    The woman, who seemed to have been closed from work, was rushed by the two thieves.

    One held the pregnant woman’s head closing his jaw to prevent her from screaming.

    The second guy in the video could clearly be seen beating the hell out of her in order to weaken her.

    After minutes of undertaking their evil deeds, they snatched her bag and drew out all the cash and took to their heels.

    Their full information is yet to be made public after a nearby CCTV camera recorded them unknowingly.

    Watch The Video Below: