Home News Two Jailed For The Possession and Distribution Of Tramadol

Two Jailed For The Possession and Distribution Of Tramadol

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An unemployed 27year old woman named Aisha Awudu and a 21year old young man called David Okrah were sentenced by the Nsuta Circuit Court in the Ejura-Seyedumase in the Ashanti region to serve 31 years in prison for possessing and selling tramadol.

Aisha Awudu was fined GHC90,000 and David Okrah was also fined GHC96,000 by the presiding Judge, Lydia Osei Marfo. A failure to pay these fines will result in them serving 31 years in prison.

According to the crime officer of the Ejura Police Command ASP Kyei Sarpong, Aisha was found with 74 tablets of tramadol,225 milligrams and 100 tablets of tramadol hydrochloride 225 milligrams of this prohibited drug.

When Aisha Awudu was cross-examined by the police, she led them to Frank Sarpong’s chemist shop which she says was her main supply of the drugs. When they got to the shop, she pointed David Okrah as the shop attendant who sells these drugs for her without prescriptions from health personnel.

David was caught red-handed selling this harmful drug to Prince Opoku who was a witness to the case buying tramadol without any health officer’s prescription.A search was conducted in the shop which led to the discovery of 112 tablets of tramadol 225mg, 6 empty boxes of tramadol 225mg and one empty box of tramadol 120mg.

ASP Kyei Sarpong in an interview with Naagyei FM’s Kwabena Adjei Adomarakwa promises to fight against drug abuse in Ejura.

He said the Police will not allow the youth to be destroyed by drugs.

“It’s painful that a young lady is going to spend 15 years of her life in prison, but what she was doing was also wrong. We just couldn’t have looked on for her to sell drugs to people which will end up destroying them. Drug abuse among the youth in Ejura is reaching an alarming proportion, let me warn those who are in this practice to stop. If anyone is arrested the law will deal ruthlessly with the culprit.”