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Lies are a vital part of relationships – Presenter, Nana Adjoa Silky

Ghanaian radio presenter and entertainment analyst, Nana Adjoa Silky, has said that lies in a relationship are necessary and beneficial sometimes.

In a discussion with host, Adwen – The Love Doctor on e.TV Ghana’s In Bed With Adwen, about whether lies sustain or destroy marriages, she made her stand that lies in relationships are good in a lot of ways.

She said, ‘’It depends on the situation, your partner; whether your husband or wife, boyfriend or girlfriend. However you hold a relationship down, you can never write-off lies because it is a vital part of it and it makes the relationship complete’’.

Nana Adjoa backed up her assertion with the explanation that people have different mindsets hence, regardless of the fact that they vow to be together for better or worse, things change and in order to continuously be able to hold down their partner and relationship, they need to make up certain lies.

‘’Some lies are very important because they can help you maintain some level of respect. This same lie can also get your partner more attracted to you but you can tell the truth and it will bring you dire consequences so lies are very helpful in sustaining a relationship’’, she maintained.

Source: etvghana.com