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Nigeria’s Vice President ‘Eye red’ as his son tests positive for Coronavirus

Nigerian Vice President 'Eye red' as his son tests positive for Coronavirus

Ex-Nigerian Vice President Atiku Abubakar is in dire pain after his son tested positive for the deadly coronavirus.

In a post he made on Twitter, the former Vice President of Nigeria stated that his son has been isolated.

He pleaded with Nigerians to remember his son in their prayers.

Atiku Abubakar added that his son has been moved to Nigeria’s coronavirus isolation center.

“My son has tested positive to coronavirus. @NCDCGov
has been duly informed, and he has been moved to Gwagwalada Specialist Teaching Hospital in Abuja for treatment and management. I will appreciate it if you have him in your prayers. Stay safe, coronavirus is real. -AA,” – He wrote.

A few Nigerians sympathized with him as captured below:

‘We pray for his speedy recovery by God’s grace. Thank you for your openness. People need to know that it is a viral infection and not necessarily a death sentence. May God heal our land and keep us all.’

‘As we wish him well. Don’t be deceived by that thing you think it’s honesty, all is PR’

‘Chai, this man. Your kind of person and openness is out of this world. Buhari can never do this. Even the media that reported the case of one of his daughters been quarantined faced a lot of backlash from presidency. Sir, GOD will make you lead this country 2023Ok hand.’

‘We are all not going to die in Jesus name. There is power in the tongue. Rather God will heal all the victims, he will also heal all the nations in the continent and destroy #COVID19’

‘This is getting spiral out of control. Buhari should have put Nigeria on lockdown 2 weeks ago but he did nothing.

He isn’t even aware there’s such thing called Covikk one nine virus. Now Nigeria may have to grapple with an epidemic far worse than what Italy is going through.Folded handsFolded hands.’

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