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Revealed: The guy in the alleged “Kwesi Arthur s3xtape” is not Kwesi Arthur.

Today, we all woke up to a viral video purported to be of Ghanaian rapper and songwriter, Kwesi Arthur crazily ‘chopping’ a lady many describe as Efia Odo.

The video was shared on Twitter and many reacted to it. Some were of the view that the guy in the video was not Ghana’s Kwesi Arthur.

However, a section of the tweeps believed that it was indeed Kwesi Arthur based on the thickness of his voice when he said: “Fix Yourself”.

As you know, in Ghana, we like to troll celebrities and many of us hypocritically take delight in the plight of others.

To clear the air and for us to settle on the true identity of the guy in the video, we have taken the pain to delve deeper to unravel who this particular young man is.

Per our search, we have come to a logical conclusion that the guy in the video can not be Kwesi Arthur although they have replica resemblance.

By the courtesy of a guy called Sanitary Pad on Facebook, we have arrived at who this guy was. Sanitary Pad posted a photo of the guy and Kwesi Arthur and sort to make out the dissimilarities between the two.

He wrote:

The guy in the right is the guy in the sex tape. That’s not Kwesi Arthur. You people won’t just delay small in defaming people and saying bad things about them even when you are not sure of what the truth is. Why you people so foolish and unthinking like that.

For integrity sake, we have discovered that the video was posted on Instagram about four days ago by an erotic related account with the name: @freakynightsoutspams.


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