Home News I will absorb 50% of your light bills – Agric Nzema chief

I will absorb 50% of your light bills – Agric Nzema chief

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Residents of Agric Nzema in the Ashanti region would have 50% of their electricity bills absorbed by their Chief, Nana Nkansah Boadu Ayeboafo.

The initiative is to lessen the burden the coronavirus pandemic is having on home – especially those whose businesses have been hit hard.

The Government of Ghana has declared a partial lockdown and put in place measures to curb the spread of the coronavirus. For this reason, priority has be given to people offering essential services making it difficult for some majority to go about their daily businesses.

It is for this reason that the Chief of Agric Nzema has stepped in to offload the pressure paying of electricity bills would bring to his people.

Aside the pledge to pay for their electricity bills, Nana Nkansah Boadu Ayeboafo, has also supported his people with assorted items.

The respected chief personally purchased two thousand (2000) bags of rice, two thousand (2000) boxes of vegetable cooking oil and thousand (2000) boxes of sardines.

In an interaction with the media after donating the items to his people, Nana Nkansah Boadu Ayeboafo explained that he was concerned about the welfare of his people and would always be around to support them as every leader is expected to do.

He also revealed that aside the food items he has given out, he has made provision to give every person especially those whose businesses have been affected an amount of GHC50 to support their livelihood.

Source: peacefmonline.com