Home Business Chinese doll-making company produces models of famous Ghanaian dancing pallbearers for sale

Chinese doll-making company produces models of famous Ghanaian dancing pallbearers for sale

Chinese doll-making company produces models of famous Ghanaian dancing pallbearers for sale

A Chinese company that specializes in the manufacturing of dolls has begun with the commercialization of the images of the Ghanaian dancing pallbearers.

The company is known as JMG 1/64 Miniatures and based in Hong Kong China.

According to reports, these dolls produced by the company will be sold for $40 and $50 dollars each which is equivalent to GH¢ 230 and GH¢ 290 respectively.

Little information is provided on whether the company sought the proper permission of the dancing pallbearers before dancing to put their images in a puppet form and to sell.

Legally, if the Chinese company did not seek the concern and permission of the Otafrija Pall-Bearing Services, they may be compelled to pay penalties.

These dancing pallbearers have become a social media sensation during the outbreak of the COVID-19 across the gone. Many have featured their videos in memes and other comical pieces.

Popularly referred to Dada Awu, they have gained global recognition and have been featured on international news platforms including BBC.

The article published on the company’s website is translated from China to English below:

As far as the model is concerned, you must play this Hong Kong-produced Internet-produced red “black man carrying coffin” 1/64 model. No matter the red things and white things will change from white to red, your house company can reproduce the “black man lifting coffin” The classic African coffin dance, 7 people hold the line and get it, 5 people can kneel and climb. The style is most important for fun. Zhong Shun supports Hong Kong products. Well, I know you do n’t look overheated and burst the dance of “Black Coffin”

There is nothing wrong with Hong Kong people’s popular tentacles, new products are fast to the ground, and suddenly the popular black people in this issue will lift the coffin in 2020. Of course, if I want to tell you, the black people will start from the cultural customs, saying that Ghana is Africa Rong Zuer was in the hometown of Chelsea player Essien. He carried the coffin and danced the custom. The purpose was to let the funeral be too sad. He would invite people to perform and the atmosphere would be good. It’s hard to understand that the Taiwanese White House across the strait invites “hot girls to dance”. I know a lot about cultural matters. I only knew that there was a local company called Benjamin Aidoo who would carry the coffin dance service, and add some fine choreography and costumes to do a good job. It attracted an interview from BBC News. Finally, it became popular on the Internet and became well-known globally. Hot spread explosive things.

Speaking of the model, this black coffin model was produced by the JMG 1/64 Miniatures model studio in Hong Kong, with a ratio of 1 to 64. I do n’t know if this ratio will be forbidden, but this model has been done carefully. There are two styles, one is a group of 7 people holding the coffin, one is a group of 5 people kneeling and crawling, it is natural to see the soundtrack sounds in the mind, 400 mosquitoes are found, buy a set and go to the system It ’s a lot of fun, and if you buy globally, just look at it yourself. The pre-sale will end on April 24, that is, the listening day is over, and it is tentatively scheduled to ship at the end of May. Interested players can refer to the official website of JMG 1/64 Miniatures.