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SHOCKING: Bishop Bernard Nyarko’s own mother caused his death – Actor Big Akwes (WATCH VIDEO)

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Before the untimely demise of Popular Kumawood actor, Bishop Bernard Nyarko, it emerged that all is not well with him especially on the part of his health.

Consequently, some Kumawood actors and actresses spearheaded by Big Akwes started to accuse Bishop Nyarko’s mother of attempting to kill her own son for obvious reasons.

According to Big Akwes and other Kumawood actors and actresses who went on live radio, although they all know Bishop Nyarko is sick and needs help, his mother has hidden her son and not allowing anyone to him.

The actors expressed worry about the current state of the actor and warned the mother to show them where he is or face their wrath. As a result, some actors including Ogyam and other producers vowed to deal with the woman if any harm happens to Bishop Bernard Nyarko.

Ah well, Bishop Bernard Nyarko is no more alive. He died yesterday, May 2, 2020, after battling with series of illness. When it happens like this, trust Kofi Anokye PhD of The BBC Ghana fame to out to work his logical reason skills.

As earlier stated, Big Akwes and other Kumawood actors and actresses at the time Bishop Bernard Nyarko was battling for his life accused Bernard Nyarko’s mother of wanting her son to die reason why she’s hiding him.

So, now that same illness caused the death of Bishop Bernard Nyarko, one will not be far from right to postulate or say that actor Big Akwes has been vindicated – That is to say, the mother of Bishop Bernard Nyarko can’t be ignored when pointing fingers at those who masterminded the death of the Kumawood movie icon.