Agric Minister’s P.A Records Chairman F.F Anto In A Secret Meeting

    The PA for the minister of food and agriculture Mr Frank Amoako who doubles as the NPP constituency Organiser for the Kwadaso constituency has recorded a secret meeting between himself and the second national vice chairman of the NPP.

    No one knows the intention of this young man to record such a sensitive conversation and splash it on all social media network. Whiles others suggest he may have been sent by his boss Dr Akoto to embark on such an adventure to tarnish the image of the second vice national chairman due to the fact that he Dr Akoto did not get the support of the chairman during his primaries in 2016 leading to his lost of the seat, others contend that it is the stupidity and the immaturity of the lad which has finally been manifested in a grand style.

    Recordings of such nature are not new in politics, usually there is a diabolic or mischievous intent to use such to undermine or gain some political advantage over the other party. It is however ironic for a constituency organiser who doubles as the PA of the Agric minister to record a conversation with the chairman of the same political party and splash it on all over social media.

    This cannot be nothing less than a treason of the highest magnitude meant only to bring the party down, especially in an election year.
    The NPP party has proven not to condone such acts in the past and all eyes are watching what punishment bestows on the young man for such heinous act of betrayal.

    The NPP party in Kwadaso are , however, furious and are calling for the suspension and possibly dismissal of their organiser for bringing the name of the constituency into disrepute.

    According to the them, failure to punish him would suggest the Agric minister may have a hand in it and as such he may probably try to save the lad from his political demise.

    Listen to audio below