Chaos At Nigerian Banks After Easing Of Lockdown As Customers Jostles For Cash (video)

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    Following the easing of the coronavirus-occasioned lockdown in Nigeria’s capital, Abuja, Lagos and Ogun states on Monday, some nationals trooped to their various banks to cash out their monies after weeks of restriction.

    Chaos at Nigerian banks after easing of lockdown as customers battle for access (video)

    The situation became so chaotic that even alleged no-account holders who knew very well that they had no business being at the banks reportedly woke up at dawn to occupy the banks’ premises before they open.

    Videos circulating online show chaotic scenes of people jostling to make their way into bank premises, with allegations of some non-account holders even fraudulently selling their front line spaces to real customers who were in a hurry to gain access.

    One of the videos shows how customers struggling to gain access into a bank in Ogba, Lagos ended up breaking down the door to the entrance of the bank leaving the building vulnerable to intruders.

    In the midst of the jostling, social distancing the least of things on the minds of the desperate customers, although some of them could be seen wearing face masks.

    Watch one of the videos of the chaos below: