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Watch | 18-year-old prostitute narrates how she sleeps with bulldogs and at least 5 men a day

Ghanaian girl confess on Ohene Pa FM 100.7 youtube channel that she can’t live without being chopped by five men a day

According to her, she was staying in Kumasi, Ghana with her godmother but her Aunt who lives in Nigeria with her husband came for her to join them in Nigeria so they can help her further her education

After her husband helped her with her school staff, as days went by he started demanding for S..e.x frequently

He forced her till she had no choice but to give me which unfortunately led to them doing it so many times and he even made his bulldog do it with her whenever he is doing it

This continued for a very long time without her Aunt knowing anything about it, they could do it about five times a day in the same house and something in the kitchen even when her Aunt was around

She got pregnant three times which he helped her terminate it at home without any medical assistance

She had no choice but to stop schooling and come back to Ghana and sell sacket water to make more money

Now due to how she was molested by her Aunt’s husband in Nigeria she got used to it and couldn’t continue selling the sacket water for money

She started doing even more than she was doing in Nigeria, within a day she could sleep with four men in various hotels in Kumasi and charge them each for the money

She decided to stop and travel to Burkina Faso to her mother but surprisingly her mother was doing even more than she was doing that means she was a prostitute and that was the business she was into to make more for herself

Her story is very interesting, watch the video below and tell us what you think in the comment section