Man Collapsed After His Wife Saved Portion Of ‘chop money’ To Build A Mansion And Surprised Him With It

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    A post shared by Adamazi Mbonu Onyi Jennifer via Facebook gives an interesting account of how a wife saved part of the money given to her by her husband to cook for the family to build a mansion.

    According to the narration, a wife called Juan began saving when he realized his husband was very wasteful when it comes to spending money.

    Juan wanted to surprise her husband and family so she secretly saved a lot of the money she had from her husband and was able to purchase land and begin the construction of their dream house on it.

    After the house was built, her husband lost her job and their rent had also expired but the woman decided to keep this great news from her husband.

    Finally, Juan decides to unveil the development to her husband Yohana by telling him to go escort her to see a friend.

    Unknowingly, Juan was going to introduce her husband to the massive investments she had done with the money she receives daily from him.

    On their way, the wife asked him to park, she alighted from the car, went to an empty building and started opening the gate, he asked her, who gave you the key to someone’s gate and why are you opening the gate.
    Juan who did not listen to the husband opened the gate and asked him to come in.
    When the husband went into the house, she held him and said, “I built this house from the savings made in monies you have been given me to cook and take care of other domestic things”
    Immediately, Yohana fell and fainted and was rushed to Kaduna general hospital where he was admitted for a day.
    Having recovered from the shock, Yohana said the shock was too much to bear while he collapsed out of joy.