“We Elected A New Queen Last Night And I can’t Wait For My Turn” – Lady Shares Her Spiritual Meeting With Photos

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    It is just some times overbearing the kind of things you come across on the internet. Although social media is created for fun, it appears others are making the most out of it.

    A lady has shared a photo with a caption that has spiritual connotations.

    Tweeting with the handle @oluwasami, she shared a photo where a group of ladies has gathered to initiate a lady into spiritual queenship.

    She expresses joy at the imitation and was expectant of when it will be her time to be initiated also.

    Many who have come into contact with this tweet, have likened it to some divination or initiation with a marine spirit.

    Jiggy Boy wrote: Mami water or not, we go still Nack you

    Charles tweeted: When it comes now….. You will blame God for all your misfortune

    However, many doubt if she is actually serious about what she has shared. Some are also of the view that the post was a scene from a movie or a bridal shower.

    Check Out Tweet Below: