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Construct boreholes, schools and hospitals to support the govt – Martha Ankomah tells Companies

Actress Martha Ankomah says she is distressed by the increasing numbers of businessmen and companies investing in Real Estate, particularly high-end apartments that the average Ghanaian cannot afford.

Speaking in an interview with GhanaWeb on Friday, May 8, 2020, she said such businessmen and companies should rather focus on investing in social sectors such as hospitals and schools which tends to benefit the masses.

“I see people constructing mega buildings and apartments all over the place and you don’t even see people living in them. At least those monies could have been used to construct schools, hospitals and boreholes in the villages to support the work of the government,” she noted.

Martha added, “ I run an NGO, Martha Ankomah Foundation which focuses on child care support, health awareness projects, community development projects, and livelihood empowerment hence I visit a lot of villages and deprived areas to carry out these programmes but it’s so sad to reveal that most of these businessmen and companies also operate there but hardly will they support the communities or regions with any developmental projects”.

“ It makes me sad and you could easily tell that if such Ghanaian individual investors and companies had supported the government by constructing hospitals, schools and boreholes in their various communities, we would have had enough facilities[hospitals] to assist the government’s quest to fight the coronavirus,” she reiterated.

Meanwhile, the actress has bemoaned the devastating impact of the coronavirus the movie industry.

She intimated; “The movie industry has really suffered from this coronavirus because what we do is also entertainment and barely would you see people selling CDs on the street. The CD market is totally gone so people have resorted to watching movies at the cinema halls and theatres and we don’t have a platform like Netflix in Ghana where people can watch movies online. The virus has stopped us from operating because we deal with the numbers and hardly can you achieve that in this “corona” moment”.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com