Ban On Public Gathering Extended Until May 31, 2020

    Prez Akuffo Addo
    Prez Akuffo Addo
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    President Nana Akufo-Addo has extended the ban on social gatherings for 3 more weeks — until May 31st.

    He made this known in his 9th address on COVID-19 yesternight, 10th May 2020.

    He said “in my address to workers and the nation on May Day, I announced the extension of the closure of our borders for one more month as a means to continue halting the importation of the virus into our country.

    “Tonight, I have come into your homes to announce that the ban public gatherings as set out in Executive Instrument number 64 has been extended, also to end of the month ie May 31,” he added.

    This means that during this period, there will continue to be a ban on public gatherings such as the holding of conferences, workshops, parties, night clubs, drinking spots, beaches, festivals, political rallies, religious activities and sporting events.

    Also, all educational facilities, private and public, will remain closed.

    President Akufo-Addo stressed that there is still a ban on funerals, other than private burials conducted with not more than 25 persons.

    “It is noteworthy that the police are arresting and prosecuting persons irrespective their status in society who flout these regulations,” the president noted.

    He added that “we cannot allow a few persons with their narrow selfish interest to jeopardize the health, wellbeing and safety of the larger population. If you fall foul of the law, you will face its full rigors.”