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President Akufo Addo Commissions New Housing Apartments At Burma Camp

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President Nana Addo commissions housing apartments at Burma Camp for the commencement of its usage.

Construction of the barracks started in 2017, as part of the Barracks Regeneration Project and also a move to settle the housing difficulties being faced by the law enforcers within the Burma Camp.

The project was captured in his first Budget to the state. Commissioning the New Douala Barracks, the President said.

“over the last three years, we have worked diligently to improve the state of operational readiness of the Armed Forces, by retooling all the Services to enable you to perform your roles more efficiently and effectively. One plank of this welfare-enhancement package, he said, is the Barracks Regeneration Project, which has resulted in the completion of the ‘New Douala Barracks. Today sixty-four (64) families will be the beneficiaries of four (4) new blocks of sixty-four (64) apartments. Each of these apartments has a living room, two (2) bedrooms, a kitchen and standard sanitary facilities,” he said.

President Akufo-Addo continued by saying, “It is gratifying to know that similar, on-going accommodation projects are near completion at the Airborne Force, Six (6) Infantry Battalion in Tamale, and other garrisons. In due course, they will also be commissioned, and I assure you that Government remains committed to dealing with the matters of accommodation of the Armed Forces.”

He urged the military to ensure that the building is well-kept and always in good shape.

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