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Government Closes Drinking Bars, After Public Backlash

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The latest release from the Ghana Tourism Authority reveals that, government has now decided to close drinking bars, contrary to the earlier directive.

The authority under the auspices of Ministry of tourism, Art and culture released a statement which paved way for drinking sports, restaurants and hotels to commence operation after their businesses were halted as part of measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This release however took a different twist after the general public, especially prominent people from the opposition NDC criticized the directive. According to the critics, since government has decided to allow drinking bars, restaurants and hotels to operate, religious bodies must equally be given freedom to operate.

This obviously called for a second release signed by Hon. Barbara Oteng Gyasi which the ministry referred to as one that “supercedes the one issued by the regulator”. According to the new directives, drinking bars remain closed, which writes off the earlier directive.