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“I Will Like To Become A Muslim Before I See My Maker” – Funny Face

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Benson Nana Oduro Boateng, popularly known as Funny Face has made his intention to switch religion known.

Currently, Funny Face should be a Christian but the comedian cum actor believes converting to Islam will be a dream come true.

In an Instagram post, the emotionally embattled entertainer said, before he dies, he will love to live as A Muslim who prays five times daily and lives according to the teachings and sayings of the Holy Quar’an and Prophet Muhammad.

Funny Face has been in the news in recent times for all the right and wrong reasons. Allegations and counter-allegations have plagued the cordial relationship he had with some industry players.

Many believe the incessant display of victimization and entitlement by Funny Face may be a result of an emotional trauma he is going through hence attention and therapeutic assistance must be given to him.

The post Funny Face shared on Instagram was a video of a popular Muslim cleric Mufti Menk teaching and discussing the essence of the Muslim faith. with the caption: O GOD BE THE GLORY 🙏🇬🇭✊ .. .. real people Chaley .. I will be a MUSLIM one day before I DIE 🙏❤️🇬🇭✊ .. discovering my real Purpose on EARTH .. tanx ALLAH for the Journey so far … 🙏🙏✊❤️🇬🇭❤️❤️