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Kofi B’s family only trying to make money from his death – Old friend opines

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Old friend and organizer of the late Kofi B’s one-week celebration, has opined that Kofi B’s family is only trying to exploit the star’s death for financial gains.

In a phone interview with DJ Advicer on Happy FM’s Ayekoo After-Drive, Alex stated that with the way Kofi B’s family is constantly attacking him, he believes that it is not in their interest to bury the dead and get all the processes done with.

He said, “It looks to me that their interest is to make money and not to go through with the funeral. I don’t think their main interest is to bury Kofi B and focus on taking care of his children”.

Stories circulating point out that Alex was the one who championed for funds to aid the family in Kofi B’s funeral. The family, however, are attacking him because they do not comprehend why only an amount of GHC2,500 was given to them.

According to Alex, a bank account was created to accumulate all those contributions, hence that GHC2500 which he is being questioned about, never touched his palms and he has not squandered any part of it as is being implied.

The only money, he said came through him, was a thousand Ghana cedis which was sent in by Kojo Antwi.

Alex further stated that with all that has ensued, if there is any further information on the funeral proceedings to take place, he will not have a hand in its organization or preparation anymore.

Source: happyghana.com