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Bribery and corruption allegations against NABCO Coordinator cleared

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Wild allegations of bribery and corruption against Upper East Regional Coordinator of the Nation Builders Corps(NABCO), Khan Wunison Jambeidu have been cleared as the story turns out to be untrue.

A story was published on some media platforms crediting the Inquisitor Newspaper that, there was naked corruption at NABCO in the Upper East Region corroborated by the Chief Executive Officer,(CEO) Dr. Ibrahim Anyars and some of his Coordinators.

But a rejoinder of retraction and apology has since been rendered to the falsely accused persons on the front page of the Wednesday’s edition of the Inquisitor Newspaper after noticing that the story was not grounded on facts.

Speaking to A1radioonline.com on the development, Khan Wunison Jambeidu said “As Muslims, we believe that everything happens by the will of Allah and as such we always pray for Allah to grant us the best in all situations.

He thanked his family and friends who have stood by him all these hard times and had confidence and trust in him about his innocence and not been swallowed by the false publication.

He also expressed gratitude to the Inquisitor Newspaper for the high sense of professionalism exhibited in retracting the story and urged for further collaboration in ensuring accountability in the system.

“On behalf of the Jambeidu family, we would like to thank Allah for His numerous blessings and guidance on the matter of the said publication. We will also like to thank family and friends who showed solidarity during these times. Also, we wish to thank the Editor of the Newspaper for retracting and apologizing for the contents of the publication and we advice other journalists/commentators to be circumspect in their publications especially those targeting public officers and their families” He said.

He added that “It is our belief that as a young politician that our son is, these are trials that come to test his resolve but we are confident that with the grace of Allah he shall overcome any hurdles planted or yet to be planted in his way. We, therefore, advise anyone whose goal is to scheme plots against him to know that Khan depends on Allah for protection and Allah’s protection is supreme”.


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