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Five Serious Scandals Kennedy Agypong Accused Angel Obinim With But Walked Away From As A Free Man

Hon Kennedy in his quest for bring out fake pastors in Ghana accused Angel Obinim of IGWC of many crimes but apparently, he walked away freely with it and was accused with some few of them. Below are some of the crimes the man of God has walked away freely with.

Allegedly plotting to Plant Human Parts At Opambour’s Church.

Bishop Daniel Obinim was alleged to the brain behind a plot to bury dead snakes, bones suspected to be human parts at the church premises of a rival pastor, Prophet Ebenezer Yiadom at Ahenema Kokoben a suburb of Kumasi. He was at the police station to give a statement after which he was granted bell.

Sleeping with his junior pastor’s wife.

Pastor Faith a Junior Pastor of Obinim revealed that Bishop Obinim used juju to charm his wife. Obinim after doing this “cursed” the Junior Pastor’s child.

Obinim beats teenagers in Church.

In a video which has gone viral on Facebook, Obinim could be seen beaten the teenagers with what appeared to be a belt. He accused the girl as he lashed her of having sex and getting pregnant instead of focusing on work as an apprentice. Whipping the boy for allegedly impregnating the girl. Obinim questioned how he was going to take care of the girl and the baby since he (the boy) was unemployed. Obinim leaded the trends in the country.

Beating  up Hot FM radio host with a crowbar.

In 2012, the founder of International God’s way Church went the studios of Hot FM in Accra and attacked Mr Paul Intim, the host of ‘’Nya Asem Hwe’’ programme with a crowbar. He accused the presenter of spreading false news about him.

Stamping his feet on a woman’s womb just so she can give birth.

Ghana saw the height of it when Obinim with the direction of his God was seen on national television stamping his feet on the womb of a member of his congregation in the name of giving the woman the fruit of the womb. This issue cam up for National discourse but did not see the day of light.

The above are a few of what he was accused with which we think he has walked freely with. You know more, share it in the comment box below let’s discuss.