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Slay Queens Caught Fighting In A Gutter Over A Male ‘Customer (Video)

In the video sighted by Newsmen which has already gone viral, the two slay queens were spotted arguing. Details gathered revealed that they had a disagreement over a ‘customer’ earlier that day.

To settle the disagreement, they took their disagreement to the street by combat.

While this was going on, people who gathered at the scene to be entertained by the fight – couldn’t stop the ladies as they engaged in the public brawl.

Yet, it’s sad to see the length at which some Ladies known as ‘Slay Queens’ will go to keep their guy. This hasn’t been the first time such an incident is happening which has gone viral.

There have been several instances, even to the extent of some ‘Slay Queens’ threatening to end the life of another lady because of a guy.

A woman shared photos of the injuries her ex-boyfriend inflicted on her because she reposted Pretty Mike’s post stating that a beautiful woman isn’t meant for only one man.

Pretty Mike explained in his controversial post that it is hard for only one man to take care of a beautiful lady, except he’s “capable of doing what eleven men can do.”

The post went viral and a lady took a screenshot and posted it on her Instagram stories. She said it angered her boyfriend and he stormed her house to rain insults on her. He called her a prostitute then bit her breast and broke her nail.


Source TheNewsGh.Com