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Just In:: The Chairman of The Church of Pentecost Instructs Members to Stay At Home


The Church of Pentecost is one of the Indigenous churches in Ghana, even though founded by a white man, the International headquarters of the Church is situated in Ghana. On the basis of membership and widespread, it is one of the largest church in Ghana. The church also recently gave its building at the Gomoa Fetteh in the Central Region to be used as an isolation centre for Covid-19 Patients, an act that was applauded by many Ghanaians.

The president of Ghana in his 10th Covid-19 address to the nation on measures to contain and prevent the virus, re-opened churches which he had closed earlier. He however, added that strict measures should be adhered to at the various religious premises, these included, putting a cap on the number of worshipers to the maximum 100 worshipers, keeping the maximum hours of worship to an hour.

After his address, notable churches in Ghana including the IGWC and Action Chapel have instructed their members to stay at home and continue to worship online and with their family even though the president had given them the opportunity to meet in Churches. This they did because they think the lives of people during this pandemic era matters more that anything. They therefore informed their members to continue praying so that the church would be opened without restrictions.

The church of Pentecost have today also issued a communique to its members, in this communique, the chairman instructed all his subjects to keep their branches closed. He directed his ministers and heads not to rush to open church buildings for use. He further admonished his members to meet in various home cell group in their homes. He released this communique after the annual general council meeting came to an end.