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Mzbel Reveals The Name Of Nigel Gaisie’s Mallam

The feud between Mzbel and the general overseer of Prophetic Hill Chapel Prophet Nigel Gaisie keeps getting hotter and hotter as the singer has revealed the identity of the popular clergyman’s Mallam.

Mzbel in exposing Prophet Nigel over a fake prophecy mentioned the name of the pastor’s Mallam who supplies him with spiritual powers for miracles.

The popular singer named the Mallam of Nigel Gaisie as Mallam Shauna in her Facebook post while attacking the pastor

This follows a video Nigel shared claiming to have prophesied that the NDC would have a female as running mate for John Mahama.

However, Mzbel said Gaisie was telling lies and that one person inside the NDC leaked that information to him prior to the announcement.

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She wrote on Facebook: “You Knew about a Female Vice President because Nii Kotei Dzani told You!!! Tell your blind followers to stop sharing this video cos some of us knew this long time! Foolish Filthy Liar! Mallam Shauna will Deal with you!