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Tell Politicians To Go And Use Children And Family’s To Go Cause Mayhem During Electoral Process-Nii Okromansa VII


The Paramount chief of ADjen Kotoku, Amoahman Nii Amoah Okromansa VII, reiterated to the fact that the significant and historical celebration of Homowo festival is merry making of the people Ga State and to bring them together as one people.

He call on the youth to desist from causing electoral mayhem during elections.

According to him, in every country the future and destiny depend on the youth.

According to him, and he been youth he urge all Ghanaian youth to tell politicians who will come and hire them to go out there to cause mayhem during elections that they should go and use their children and families.

He lamented that the we are aware of the corona virus have come to stay with us so need to abide by the WHO protocols during the celebration of Homowo festival.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Nii Okromansa VII appeal to all the villages to follow his step cause he been the overlord of ADjen Kotoku community and seems he is going to start the celebration on 15th-16th August before the other villages will celebrate theirs in a week after.

He affirmed that he and the elder will ensure that all the safety measures to comply during and after Homowo festival.

Nii Okromansa VII appeal to the Muslim community to also observe the safety protocols during and after the EID.

He wish the Muslim community Eid Al Adha celebration.


By Joseph Nana Yaw Cobbina


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