Announcement : Tuesday August 4, Declared A Public Holiday

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    The government of Ghana has declared the 4th of August 2020 as a public holiday in accordance with the Public holidays (Amendment) Act (Act 2019), Act 968 to commemorate the toils and sufferings of the founders of Ghana.

    Activities of this day are purposed at encouraging Ghanaians to imitate the dedication made by the founders of the country.

    A public lecture would be held tomorrow by the information Ministry at the Ministry of Information Press center.

    The event is expected to be graced by the Rt Hon. Mike Ocquaye, Ghana’s Speaker of Parliament and His Royal Highness King Abukari Mahama, Overlord of Dagon.

    “The general public is advised to observe the safety protocols associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), especially in relation to social events at public places” it added.