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The more you criticise, the more he’s making money – Sonnie Badu speaks on Stonebwoy’s Putuu song

US-based Ghanaian gospel musician and pastor, Dr. Sonnie Badu who heads the Rock Hill Church has put a spin on…

US-based Ghanaian gospel musician and pastor, Dr. Sonnie Badu who heads the Rock Hill Church has put a spin on the controversy surrounding Stonebwoy’s new song, Putuu.

The controversial song was tagged by many as useless and senseless.

Well, Dr. Sonnie has a different opinion on the song.

In an Instagram live video with Celebrities Buzz TV, he noted that what Stonebwoy did is pure showbizness because he has to do something that will make people talk about him, thus, making him relevant.

“Music has an entertaining factor to it. Music is a mystery. Okay? Music is creativity. I can create a riddim with meaningless words. I don’t need to tell you what that means. I am only telling you how I feel.”.

Dr. Sonnie stressed that Stonebwoy has released a lot of sensible songs already so we shouldn’t bash him for releasing just one song that doesn’t make sense. Because maybe it may not make sense to you but only he as the musician knows the inspiration behind the song.

Addressing the plenty of talks from critics, the ‘Baba’ hitmaker said:

“The more you talk about it, the more he stays relevant. It is called Showbiz. So if Stonebowy is also strategically staying relevant, everyone will have a question on it and once you talk about it and watch it, you’ve added to his streams. Who makes the money? So the more criticise him, the more he makes the money. In fact, he wants you to criticize more and then bang he releases another song. So you see, he just got creative.”