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    I Want My Sister To Divorce Her Husband So I Can Marry Him’

    A 32-year-old lady has shared her ordeal with on social media seeking their advice on how to deal with it.
    The lady whose name was withheld at the time of filing this report revealed that she is in love with her junior sister’s husband.
    In a lengthy post on Facebook, the lady exclaimed how her younger’s sister’s marriage to her husband is impeding her relation with her brother-in-law, who she wants to snatch from her sister.
    According to her, she has been dating her sister’s husband long before her sister married him but the man did not want to marry her because they were of the same age.
    Spilling what her intentions and prayers are, the worried lady revealed that she wanted her sister to divorce her husband so they can be together again.
    She wrote;
    “Please don’t judge me as I am about to tell you how I feel and why I can’t help it.
    I am a lady of 32 years and as you can see I’m not getting any younger. I am staying with my junior sister and her husband in Lagos. Her husband pays some of my bills since I stay at home and take care of the house. Getting another work after I was sacked last year has been difficult for me. My sister on the other hand is a banker and leaves early for work and comes back late at night, leaving me alone with the husband in the house some times.
    The problem is that, I have a strong feeling for her husband. I dated her husband even before he got married to my junior sister. He loves me, I love him. We really love each other. He said he made a mistake of marrying my junior sister, according to him, he thought because we are age mates he can’t marry me. But I am the one he truly loves. I love my sister’s husband so much. He is a real man, physically strong, both in bed and money. Now, he regrets his mistake and he wants me to be his second wife. But I also do not want to be a second wife.
    What I want him to do, is to divorce his wife, my junior sister which he has refused to do because of what people will say. Still the man wants to be with me, but the obstacle is my sister. “


    1. Woman can u hear ur self. He didnt marry u but married ur younger sister now he is saying he made a mistake. Let me tell u the man is using u. U beta wakeup from ur slumber n find something tangible doing. Goat brain kwasiya.

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