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You Have Lost Your Core Mandate Hence Ditching To Politics – Lawyer Maurice Ampaw To Bishop Agyinasare

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Legal practitioner, Lawyer Maurice Ampaw has said Bishop Agyinasare of Presez Chapel International has totally lost all his healing powers and that is the actual reason why he has shifted from his calling (evangelism) to politics.

According to the controversial lawyer,Bishop Agyinasare has being his friend from ages before he even received a call from God to do his angelic works which obviously made him known world wide but adding that him showing interest in politics offlate shows all his healing powers has fade out.
Being hosted on Wontumi FM, Maurice Ampaw said;

“They should go back to their first love. Agyinasare has lost the way, he has missed his core mandate and you see he’s going to the ditch. When you watch today, you see that the healing power is finished. The healing power is gone”

Beefing up more,he said “Agyinasare is my age mate but look at him he’s now an old man because what God gave to him to do, he has ditched that and is moving into a grey area which is not his field. That’s why I’m saying that if you’re called by God and he gives you vision and purpose you need to follow your purpose, follow your passion. All the men of God that have deviated from their calling had problems. If care is not taken, he will lose most of his members. I speak to most of his members in the Church and they are not happy. This is the time for all Christians to be focused. We have a delivering government”.

The Lawyer noted that God’s blessings is on the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo and it’s reflective from the fact that the President is rather becoming handsome as he ages.


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