Fans shocked as Zodwa Wabantu cleans her house PⱭnt-l£ss; video goes viral

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    South African dancer, Zodwa Wabantu risked exposing too much as she bent to clean her house while wearing only a t-shirt.

    Zodwa Wabantu sent shockwaves to many when she decided to do her household chore p.a.nty-less. The socialite flaunted her raw behind and many asked her why was she not wearing undies

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    Although they know that she is a fan baring her body, but they questioned themselves about who was filming her to watch her naked since she recently said she broke up with her man.

    The video, captioned, “My Sunday …Cleaning the house this is me Zodwa Wabantu.”, would suggest it a simple cleaning tutorial, but no… not with Miss Libram!

    The newly single mother of one appeared completely p. a. nt-less. With just a white T-shirt, she showed her followers her derrière as she scrubbed the floors, leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination.

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    The suggestive video called for an open discussion in the comment section, with some praising her for her ‘don’t care’ attitude, whilst others called her out for being too provocative.

    Have a look :

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