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    Two university students fight over their “Sakawa” boyfriend (Video)

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    Two university students fight over their “Sakawa” boyfriend


    TheNewsGh.Com has come across a video on social media of two ladies believed to be students of a popular university fight over an alleged “fraudster” boyfriend.

    The two ladies were heard in the video hurling insults at each other and later got engaged in a serious fight near a local mosque.

    From what we gathered, one of the ladies accused the other of being a boyfriend snatcher who had come to snatch her boyfriend a statement which did not go down well with the other lady resulting in the fisticuffs.

    Their colleagues who where at the scene of the event in trying to prevent the worse from happening between the ladies tried to separate them but they are each seen trying to strip one another naked.

    Sources revealed that ladies, whose identities are not immediately known are both dating the man without the knowledge of the each other.

    According to reports, the man in question makes a lot of money fro cyber fraud and spoils them with the cash reason none is willing to allow the other an upper hand.

    Watch video below



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